Our Mission, Vision and Principles

Over 90 percent of our candidates and clients are highly satisfied

BLG is one of the top five European providers of executive search consultancy services for the healthcare industry. We work on international assignments for companies in the medical devices, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals and biotech sectors.

We believe that a specialist focus delivers unique benefits to clients. We have taken specialisation to the next level: each of our consultants has a particular area of healthcare industry knowledge and experience which is the main focus of their work.

Our strong network of industry contacts and relationships, built up over many years, opens doors for us that are normally closed to others. It gives us access to the very best people.

For us, ethics are not just standard – they are an absolute given. Discretion is our creed. Complete discretion is one of the most important virtues in the executive search business.

Whatever we do, we do with passion and precision and we always adhere to the highest quality standards. Quality and success go hand in hand.

We use meticulous and sophisticated research methods to identify candidates, enabling us to guarantee an accurate match, even for assignments with very complex requirements.

We are continually expanding our geographical reach so that we can support our clients as they expand into new markets. We create partnerships that look to the future and transcend national borders.

Our business is based on mutual trust. There is hardly any other field where this is as important as it is in executive search.

We bring passion and commitment, always providing more than is expected of us. We keep on searching until we find a solution for our clients.