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Our team of experienced executive search consultants is highly knowledgeable about healthcare industry organizations and roles across different areas of market specialisation. Our understanding of your business needs and access to a wide network of potential candidates ensure that we will be consistently successful in finding the right professionals for your organisation.

Our clients value our input not only as headhunters, but also as strategists. They benefit from our broad experience of a range of human resource issues including remuneration, incentives and team roles, and wider sector specific issues such as reimbursement strategies and sales territory structure.

Executive Search

Finding the right executives for key leadership and operational roles is an ongoing priority for our clients. BLG delivers consistent results through a structured search approach, deep understanding and analysis of the opportunities and issues within the healthcare industry and proven interviewing techniques. We also take into account the specific challenges faced by our clients, and their corporate culture. We identify the candidates best suited to the future direction of the company and work tirelessly to secure them.


Developing a strong flow of leadership talent is instrumental to sustaining every company’s success. BLG’s clients benefit from our pipeline strategies for key leadership positions, which mean that we have already begun the search process before we are asked to introduce candidates for a particular assignment. We provide companies with rapid access to a selection of pre-qualified top performers, a powerful tool for the successful development of the company. We offer an intensive face-to-face assessment of personality traits and intellectual capabilities as part of the program.

Talent Development

The most effective way to nurture talent is to identify it at an early stage of an executive’s career development. The best companies invest in attracting high-potential performers through programs which develop skills and extend business experience. BLG provides a platform for implementing this approach which is tailored to the client’s unique needs. The cornerstone of our approach is an assessment process to gain valuable psychometric, behavioural and qualitative insights.

Why people work with us

Strong values drive our approach and provide the basis for the close, long term relationships we establish with our clients, candidates and network contacts.


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